Sunday, March 30, 2014

News in Oman

What's hot in Muscat this week, support groups, school fees, events and much much more ...
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What's hot in Muscat this week ...
There are some amazing performances coming up at the Royal Opera House in Muscat and we've got them all on one page for you. So if you're after a ballet, see their amazing Romeo and Juliet from the Bavarian State Ballet; the Rusalka Opera looks as dramatic as can be; or just be serenaded by the smooth sounds of Diana Krall and so much more.
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Phoenix Group
The Phoenix group was established in March 2013 solely to support ladies new to this wonderful country. It aims to create a welcoming and friendly environment and provide useful information for settling into life in Oman.
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School Fees
Are you looking for schools for your little ones? We have all the information that you need including the curricula, contact information and school fees for the schools that cater to the expatriate community in Oman.
On Expatwoman this week

Movies out this month ...

If you need a casual time out with friends or that special someone, get down to your local cinema, buy some popcorn and a delish drink and have a great time seeing one of these flicks.


Turn your lights off for just one hour on the 29th of March - this is just one of the events happening in Oman. Check out our events listing and plan those weekends!!

MuscArt - check out this great art space

MuscArt’s curated exhibitions provide audiences with an opportunity to experience different approaches and execution styles of art.

Mother's Day is close

So get those oven mitts on and bake your mom these delicious muffins. These are great for any occasion!!
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ExpatWoman Qatar Mailer

Get a job in Qatar! Plus active birth workshops, advice on accommodation, events and much more...
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What's hot in Qatar this week...
Are you looking for a job in Qatar? Then you are in the right place ... there are many positions opening up in Qatar and we have the details of the jobs that will interest you. If you would like to post a job opening in your company please email
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Active Birth Workshops
This is a 3 hour practical, experiential workshop for couples. You will learn and practice various breathing techniques, massage techniques and visualization exercises. The classes are scheduled throughout the year.
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Accomodation Types in Qatar
The lifestyle in Qatar will differ to that of your home country. If you are moving here for the first time or are after some extra information on the accommodation there, then this guide is for you. 
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Cinema time

Get yourself down to the cinema for some relaxing and casual fun, take a group of friends or the family and enjoy a quick dinner after. A fun night out is guaranteed. 

Social Groups in Qatar

If you're looking to make friends there is a club or society for you to join, whether you are into sports, the arts or simply socialising there is a great group of like-minded people out there for you.

There are loads of events in Qatar

And we have them listed right here on, so if you're after a cultured night out or if you simply want to let loose, look no further for some fantastic events.

Qatar meal deals

We list some of the best meal deals in Qatar, if you're after a classy business lunch we have a great deal at Opal by Gordan Ramsey, otherwise try the Raclette Buffet at Picasso's in the Radisson Blu. 
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