Tuesday, July 22, 2014

People often say that the best advice is gained from those who have experienced it themselves. So join in the conversation on our forums.

Pregnancy in Dubai

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Dubai Forum
People often say you get the best advice from those that have experienced it themselves. Whether it's trying to find the best place to eat, advice on how to handle your landlord, how to entertain visiting friends and family or even where you can buy your favourite flavour of Super Noodles... You can find the best advice from like-minded women on our forums!

Your home

Window Gardening
Window farming
As Dubai is so sunny - but so hot this time of year - you can take advantage of the sun beaming through your windows and grow your own vegetables and herbs indoors. It will take a spot of DIY and patience, but that's all part of the excitement and achievement.

Home security
Secure your home
This city is one of the safest places to live due to its relatively low crime rates, but often residents can be complacent. No matter how safe the city is, there may be an opportunity for someone to take advantage of you and your property if given the chance.

Courses for Women
Here we have a selection of short courses for women in Dubai... Everything from fashion to interior decorating to languages.
Studying in the Holidays
The most difficult part of studying during the holidays is motivation. Here are Carfax's top tips for pupils who plan on studying.
Dubai Deals
There are so many nurseries and kindergartens to choose from here in Dubai. Here's our list to help you decide.

Getting fit as a family

Family fitness

Fitness is a valuable routine for children to learn, and it's made better when parents engage in fitness activities. We've got some ideas for you to do together as a family! 
Running in Dubai

Best places to run

Jogging or running has a lot of positive effects on your body. Here are the best places to go running for you. Even in the summer, go for a jog in the early hours or evenings.
Opening a bank account in Dubai

Open a bank account

Opening a bank account in Dubai is relatively easy, but requirements vary from bank to bank. Here's what you will definitely need.
UK pension in Dubai

Your UK pension

Perhaps you're wondering where you should keep your UK pension? Here's some advice from Globaleye to help you make the decision.

Doctors and Clinics in Dubai

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

From our list of school's and nurseries, to summer camps to school fee's: we've got everything to do with education here in Abu Dhabi! Plus, take a trip to Liwa Oasis or pamper yourself with these great deals.

Abu Dhabi Classifieds
Get ready for the start of term
There's lots to choose from when it comes to selecting a school, nursery or kindergarten for your children here in Abu Dhabi. If you still haven't found a good place to send your kids, we've got a full list right here to help. Or if you're thinking about jumping into studying yourself, there's an extensive guide on universities for your use.
Pamper yourself!
Hairworks Abu Dhabi
Quote ExpatWoman when booking an appointment and take advantage of this latest deal: 25% off Inoa Colour services at Hairworks during the Holy month. 
 Ritz-Carlton, Abu Dhabi
Ladies Who Spa
Check out this ultimate luxury retreat at ESPA, in the Ritz-Carlton. Whether celebrating a special occasion or planning a trip with your friends, enjoy these offers!
Homeschooling in Dubai
Perhaps you do not wish to enroll your kids into a school or nursery when term starts. Instead, have a look at homeschooling!.
After school activities Abu Dhabi
Summer camps
Take a look at what activities your kids can do this summer in Abu Dhabi. Sports, arts and crafts or swimming.. There's plenty!
Abu Dhabi School Fees
School Fees
We've got a list of all the school fees for the 14/15 academic year. We hope this helps in your search and choice of school.
Liwa Oasis, Abu Dhabi

Liwa Oasis

Stuck for what to do? Take a trip and visit the gorgeous birth place of the ruling families of Abu Dhabi.
Liquor in Abu Dhabi

Summer meet-ups

Looking for new friends? Or just to find ladies in the same position as you? Come along to an EW meet-up this summer.
The British Embassy, Abu Dhabi

British Embassy

Read here for all the new changes, updates and procedures from the British Embassy in the UAE.
Stranger Danger in Abu Dhabi, Child Safety

Stranger Danger

While we know that Abu Dhabi on the whole is very safe, we do need to be extra vigilant to teach our children about safety.
Abu Dhabi Forum, ExpatWoman.com
How to get a visit visa for your family and friends.
Bourn Hall Clinic: Where dreams of parenthood can come true.
Here's our page of FAQs to help you out with any questions.
Information about bus services that run in the emirate.
Find out what's on at the movies.
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