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Events in Azerbaijan
Make sure it's charged!
Technology travel restrictions
As part of increased security in certain airports, passengers are being advised to ensure electronic devices in their hand luggage are charged and on before arriving to the airport. Airports and destinations where checks are being done has remained unconfirmed by officials, so it's best to be prepared! Otherwise you may face having to travel without your devices, and face courier fees to ship them to wherever you are heading.
Join in! Coffee Mornings
Meet-ups in Baku
Coffee mornings are one of the best ways to meet other expat women when you are in a country where English is not the mother tongue. It is generally accepted that expats speak in English in their place of work and coffee mornings are also a communal environment where women can get together and mingle.
  Expat Clubs and Associations Hong Kong
Clubs and Societies
Are you new to Hong Kong or looking for a fun activity or to make friends? We have all the information you need regarding clubs, societies and associations that you can join to make your stay in Hong Kong fun, friendly and enjoyable. From sport to gardening, arts to Irish dancing, there's plenty to join in with!
Sentosa Island Singapore
Sentosa Island
Located just 15 minutes away from Singapore's city, Sentosa, Asia's favourite playground is home to an array of attractions. 
Blood Donation in Azerbaijan
Blood Donation
Donating blood is something very important to the people of Azerbaijan as most blood transfusions benefit many kids.
Hong Kong Schools
Schools in Hong Kong
We have a big list of primary schools and high schools in Hong Kong for your use. Find locations and contact details for each one.
On Expatwoman this week
Women working in Azerbaijan

Women Working

It is the norm in Azerbaijan for expat woman to move there for work. Teaching is a popular choice, too.
Flavours of Singapore

Flavours of Singapore

The city-state boasts a very modern, varied and efficient economy... And one of the main benefits is the cuisine!
Shopping in Hong Kong

Shopping Malls

Hong Kong is a fantastic place to shop. The large number of shopping malls cater to all your wants and needs!
Buying a car in Singapore

Buying a Car

Owning a vehicle in Singapore is expensive, and there are a number of procedures that need to be followed. We can help you here! Forum
Editor's Top Picks
Universities in Azerbaijan.
Maternity styles for the Mum-to-be in Singapore.
Short weekend in Hong Kong and Macau.
The low down on Hong Kong's postal system.
Visit Gardens by the Bay in Singapore!

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Catch up on some reading with these great blogs from expats who live in the Kingdom. Plus, make sure to put the dates for Eid in your diaries!

KSA Forum

Catch up on some reading

KSA Bloggers
While spending a lot of our time online, blogs have become almost second nature to regular surfers of the World Wide Web. And as the Kingdom has a diverse number of people, many who are expats or a Saudi spouse, there are important contributors that add daily to the dialogue of living in KSA. Here's our list of our favourite bloggers based in Saudi Arabia... They make for great reading. Plus, they always have the best photos. 

Latest News

Eid in KSA
Eid Al Fitr
The Kingdom has released its dates for Eid for civil servants, who will be given 12 days off at the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan. Find out all the information you need here about Ramadan, Eid, holidays and working hours.

Code of Conduct in KSA
Code of Conduct
MKSA follows Sharia Law, thus the religion of Islam, as well as conservative customs of Saudi Arabia. These shape the dress code and code of conduct of the land. These customs are enforced by the Muttawa.

KSA Nurseries
Nursery schools and kindergartens are vital to a young child's development. Here's a list of places in KSA for you to look at. 
KSA Universities
There are many universities in the Kingdom, and whilst most of them are Arabic, there's lots for you to choose from and possibly enroll.
KSA School Fees
Here we have information regarding school fees in KSA. We've got a list of school names, annual fees, websites and curriculums for your guidance. 

On Expatwoman this week
Woman working in Saudi Arabia

Single women working

While there are strict rules that must be followed for women in the Kingdom, there are plenty of job opportunities in the medical, teaching and airline fields.
Duty Free KSA

Duty Free

Here is an extensive list of all the items that are free, prohibited or restricted and what allowances you have.
Visa Medical in KSA

Visa Medical

During your visa process, you are required to take a medical. Here we explain why, what you have to do and when.
Maid hiring and visas in Saudi Arabia

Hiring a Maid

Find out all the information about hiring a maid and sorting their visas in KSA here. There are certain restrictions that expats must follow if they wish to hire a maid.

Saudi Arabia Guide

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